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If you want to start ranking your videos online quicker and easier than EVER before, all while driving FLOODS of traffic to your website, than pay very close attention to what I am about to say.

I Struggled With Video Marketing...

A few months ago I was struggling with ranking my videos online. I would spend my days trying every strategy, method, and tip I could get my hands on so I could learn the 'secret' for making YouTube and Google tick.

Sadly... None of them worked!

Suddenly Everything Changed...

I went back to the drawing board and decided to take matters into my own hands. All day long I contacted all the leading video marketing experts in the industry, and asked them what their secrets were for generating tons of traffic online using videos.

After compiling all of their advice, I began to notice a trend that they ALL did in their video marketing. A strategy that helped them rank their videos almost effortlessly, time and time again.

I decided to take what I had learned, and create a piece of software that would automate the entire process for me.

How would you like to have Google and YouTube fall in love with your videos and start sending you more traffic than you can ever handle?

Introducing...Income Jacker!

After months of coding, I created Income Jacker. The ONLY software online that automates the entire video ranking process.

From picking what product to promote, to generating SEO optimized videos, to even creating backlinks, Income Jacker helps you with every step in the process.


Instead of having you struggle with ranking videos like I did, I've fast-tracked everything for you. Income Jacker will help you double your website traffic by helping you rank your videos quicker and easier than ever before.

Here is how Income Jacker will help you:

  • Drastically improve the amount of sales you currently generate online!
  • Increase the traffic on your site just by you uploading easy-to-make “ghetto” videos online!
  • Rapidly grow your list with targeted, passionate subscribers who actually give a damn about what you have to say!
  • Wipe out your competition in one foul swoop and start ranking your videos lightning-fast!

The results speak for itself...




"I was on page one of Google in under an hour!"

Hey, it's Len here.
I got this the other day, and followed all your instructions.
Within an hour of uploading a video I checked Google and to my surprise it had made it on page one (in the #3 spot for a few million competitors) in just a few hours.
Edwin all I can say is thank you, thank you. LOVE IT!
- Leonard

Here Is How It Works...

Here is how Income Jacker helps you rank videos with ease:

1. Open up the Income Jacker software!

2. Find a product to promote so you can make the most cash possible with each video you upload!

3. Upload the video.

4. Rank the video using our powerful strategies that no else is teaching. (This is your unfair advantage over the competition!)


We have members currently ranking videos for:

  • Local businesses
  • Affiliate products
  • Latest trends
  • News

And much, much more!


"Everything you need to rank your videos within a day!"

I can’t ask for a better software for YouTube.
Income Jacker has everything you need to rank your videos within a day! It has a very easy to use interface with a step-by-step process for you to follow along.
Edwin provides top class support so you aren't alone at all. He’ll help you all the way until you get results. If you want to rank your videos on YouTube and Google, this is a must have tool for you.
Overall 5 stars from me!
- Towhid Zaman

"My videos are now getting hundreds of views a day!"

I’m a “lazy affiliate” who enjoys minimal work with maximum profits so trying Income Jacker was an easy choice.
The ability to easily, and automatically look up my competition on YouTube, browse products to promote, and have my videos ranked all in one easy to use interface saves me hours of work.
After using Income Jacker my videos are now consistently getting hundreds of views a day!
- Matt Gartner


I want you to experience the same success other people are having using the Income Jacker software. If you're ready to take MASSIVE action, and want to start generating more traffic online, than Income Jacker is the solution for you.

The value I'm offering you today is really a no-brainer. Other products with only half off of the features that this one have sold over for $197.


For a limited time only, you can get your hands on the Income Jacker software for only one small payment of $37.

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  • The Income Jacker software which will drastically increase the traffic you generate online!
  • Training videos walking you through how to use every single function inside of Income Jacker!
  • Our 'Ranking Checklist' which tells you what you need to do, step-by-step, to get your video up and ranking quickly!
  • Over the shoulder training videos, and case studies that teach you how to make money using Income Jacker!
  • And much, much more!

Let's get started.

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Only $37

One Time Payment - Instant Access!

Instant Download - Even at 2 am All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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"This baby does it all!"


Wow Edwin...This baby does it all!
This software will automate everything that I do with YouTube on a daily basis and I'm not going to have to wait forever to get ranked and see sales.
Thanks again buddy for putting out a wonderful piece of software!
-Kris Waters

"Helps me make tons of money."

I’ve known Edwin for a while now, and he produces one good software after the other.
All of them work and work well! I like Income Jacker because it saves me a lot of time, and it helps me make tons of money.
Highly recommended. Two thumbs up!
- Joe Finn www.askjoefinn.com

"Highly recommended!"

I had a chance to test out Income Jacker and despite its simple looks, it packs a huge punch!
Income Jacker brings the essential elements used by experienced video marketers into one compact easy to use software.
Highly recommended!
- Wai Kei, Hooi


-Edwin Torres

edwin epcot

PS. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you don't have a flood of traffic raining down on your website after using Income Jacker, than simply contact me here and I'll promptly refund you in full.